Bobcat Vision Advertising Request

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Purpose: This form is used to submit information you would like to have posted on Bobcat Vision.  Bobcat Vision is a student-funded, LCD monitor system that broadcasts information electronically to various locations across campus.

Design services are provided at no cost for student groups only. University Departments may use the Bobcat Vision template to assist in their slide creation. Once completed fill out form (below) and attach completed Bobcat Vision template.


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Only on-campus student organization and departments can list information on Bobcat Vision.

Please provide the title of your event or activity.

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Please list the location (building and room number) of your event or activity.

SHORT AND TO THE POINT: Please provide a BRIEF description of your event or activity. Please remember that slides are 20 seconds long. Keep your description short and to the point.

You can attach a picture up to 10MB for inclusion. The graphic must be high resolution (very large), as our televisions broadcast in high definition. Page designers will determine if pictures will be used. Please do NOT upload PDF files.
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Please provide any additional information about your event that may be helpful.
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I understand that the graphics and information attached may or may not be manipulated to fit the Bobcat Vision electronic and design platform. I am aware that announcements MUST be submitted TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE so there is enough time to implement an effective advertisement. Unacceptable content requests include events not located with the City of Milledgeville, calls for student involvement in survey research, and for-profit promotions by University departments or partners except in cases of paid advertising.